All About Live Bait Mate

After more than five decades of fishing, we have run across many means and methods to try and keep live bait alive. All have their own unique drawbacks and shortcomings.

We have designed and developed an innovative product that addresses and solves the problems with keeping baits lively and stress free. Going forward, the Live Bait Mate will set the standard in keeping inshore live baits.

Two major challenges exist in keeping baits alive longer. Number one is oxygen and number two is water temperature.

In the past, oxygen has been introduced into bait buckets or containers by aeration with a mechanical, generally battery-operated aerator. The drawback is the operation and useful life of the aerator unit itself. After time, saltwater corrosion sets in on the batteries, making operation of the aeration units a hit or miss proposition.

The Live Bait Mate which is constantly deployed in “running water”, eliminates the need for aerators and aerator maintenance, making them a thing of the past. No more buying batteries. No more making sure batteries are still in working order. No more worrying if your aerator unit will fail to keep working before you are done fishing.

The next challenge to keeping your baits alive is water temperature. Pails and most other bait containers on the market today, even if aeration is sufficient, fail when it comes to maintaining constant water temperature. For example, bait that is caught in 72 degree water and put into an aerated pail on shore, soon becomes a “hot tub”. Relaxing for people —- deadly for baits.

Again, the Live Bait Mate solves the temperature differential problem by being constantly deployed in “running water”. Baits exist in their natural environment constantly, at the same temperature.

Once you have used the Live Bait Mate for inshore fishing, pier fishing, skiff fishing, kayak fishing or surf casting, and realize how hassle free it is to use, you’ll never go back to any other set up for keeping your baits alive longer. Hands down, there is no better live bait container on the market today!


In addition to solving existing oxygen and water temperature challenges, we have designed the Live Bait Mate to hold two different baits in the same cage, at the same time, a threshold that has never been crossed before in live bait cage, pen or container design, a truly ground breaking concept.

Larger baits, such as finger mullet, pogies, shad, pinfish, shiners, etc., are contained in the large outer body of the cage. Smaller baits such as mud minnows, small to medium live shrimp, sand fleas, etc., are contained in the interior “strainer” insert at the top of the Live Bait Mate .

This “cage within a cage” design allows the ability to carry a minimum of two different live baits at any given time, in the same bait container, with hassle free access to your bait of choice.

Although our offices and manufacturing are located in St. Augustine, Florida, the Live Bait Mate is suitable for use for coastal fishing from Maine to Florida, and lake fishing from coast to coast.

Make no mistake, the Live Bait Mate will change the way you handle live bait from the first time you use it. Spending less time and money on maintaining your live baits, means more time for fishing and bringing home the catch.