Floating Live Bait Cage Keeps Baits Fresh

Make no mistake, live bait is by far your best bet in bringing home the catch. Introducing the best thing to come along in inshore fishing, since live bait itself.

Designed specifically for inshore, shore, surf, bridge, pier, kayak and skiff fisherman, the Live Bait Mate keeps baits fresh, lively, stress-free and well…live…for hours on end. Makes aeration a thing of the past.

Stop spending hours catching or buying expensive baits, only to watch them die long before you’re done fishing. Designed with all inshore live baits in mind. Baits such as finger mullet, mud minnows, shrimp, pogies, crabs or sand fleas lasts indefinitely.

The Live Bait Mate cage is a rugged, yet lightweight, 9″ by 14″ deep, floating octagonal cage, sized to fit perfectly in a 5 gallon pail. The octagonal design keeps baits from getting cornered and stressed, and allows your bait to stay in “runningwater” wherever you choose to fish.


Simply catch or buy your favorite live baits, put them in your floating Live Bait Mate, and put it in the water wherever you decide to “wet a line”.

Tie off to piers, bridges, docks or seawalls, no more watching baits die in the bucket next to you. Tow behind you as you surfcast, wade or kayak fish.

No more wasting time wading in and back out, or struggling each time you need a new bait.

The easy open -easy close cage lid, designed with bungee cord tie- down, and self-emptying cage, allows you hassle free bait changes in the blink of an eye.

Common sense says that if you’re fishing, there’s water nearby. Use it to your advantage. Keep your baits live longer and spend more time fishing.

For reasons you’ll soon find out, no bait cage or live bait container on the market today, compares to the Live Bait Mate, in terms of durability, ease of use or, most importantly. keeping your baits alive longer.

The Original Live Bait Mate

Live Bait Mate Mini